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Immigration Law: Expected Changes and President Bush’s Plan

Immigration Law Changes Mentioned During State Of The Union Address

January 23, 2007

President Bush’s Plan for the Upcoming Immigration Law- Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In his State of the Union Address on January 23, 2007, President George W. Bush indicated that:
  1. The United States Must Secure Its Borders pursuant to Immigration law.
  2. In regards to securing the American borders, President George W. Bush informed the public of the following current events:
    • Approximately 6,000 National Guard Members have been sent to the US southern border in coordination with State Governors.
    • The President’s Secure Border Initiative (SBI) another method of enforcing the changes in immigration law, is the most technologically advanced Border Enforcement Initiative in American history.
    • The Presidential Administration is increasing infrastructure investment at the Border.
    • In 2006 and 2007, the Administration funded 6,700 new detention beds, for a total of 27,500 detention beds to hold violators of immigration law, added this fiscal year.
    • The Administration expanded the use of “EXPEDITED REMOVAL” which allows the US government to send illegal immigrants who breach immigration law by either entering the US without inspection or staying over the time alloted on their visa, home more quickly.
    • Immigration Customs Enforcement now has the money to train 1,500 State and City police officers to work jointly with Department of Homeland Security in finding, arresting, and detaining illegal immigrants.
    • This is definitely an example of the upcoming expected enforcement of immigration law and deportations.

  3. America must hold Employers Accountable For The Workers They Hire.
    • The Administration is addressing the illegal employment of undocumented workers with a tough combination of criminal prosecution and forfeitures.
    • The number of arrests in worksite enforcement cases has increased dramatically during the President’s time in office.
    • In Fall of 2005, President George W. Bush signed a bill doubling federal monies allotted for worksite investigation and enforcement.
    • Department of Homeland Security has issued a proposed “no-match” regulation to assist employers in ensuring a legal workplace and to help the government identify and crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal workers and thereby violate US immigration law.

  4. To Secure the US Border, America Must Create A Temporary Worker Program (expected to be part of the upcoming immigration law).

    The temporary worker program must follow these principles:

    1. American workers must be given priority over guest workers.
    2. The program must be truly temporary.
    3. Participation should fluctuate with market conditions. More openings in the program when the economy is doing well.

  1. America Must Bring Undocumented Workers Already in The Country Out of The Shadows.
  2. In regards to the comprehensive immigration reform, the President’s comments are that:
    1. The comprehensive immigration reform (pending immigration law) must account for the millions of immigrants already in the country.
    2. He opposes an automatic path to citizenship or any other form of full amnesty with no further requirements.
    3. To be considered for legal status, illegal immigrants should pay a penalty fee, learn English, pay their taxes, pass a background check, and hold a job for a number of years.

  3. America Must Promote Assimilation Into Our Society By Teaching New Immigrants English and American Values.
  4. On that note, there is a new immigration test pilot program being implemented throughout this year. The new test will have questions regarding American society and will include a different set of English language sentences.


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