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Most Recent Enforcement of Immigration Deportation Law

If you or a loved one has breached immigration deportation law by entering the United States illegally or having overstayed in this country from the time that was allowed on your visa, you are very likely to be put into deportation proceedings. If this is the case and you currently are in removal/deportation proceedings or you have recently received a Notice to Appear listing the allegations made against you by the Department of Homeland Security, and the location of the Immigration court hearing scheduled to address your case and any potential relief available. If any of the above scenarios applies to you, you MUST contact a trusted immigration attorney specializing in immigration law at once.

Once you are involved in a removal proceeding meaning that you violated US immigration law, things get a lot more complicated. A wrong move has the potential of getting you deported or even worse expeditedly removed (deported without a hearing!) The good news is that there are several forms of relief to individuals who violate the US immigration laws. However, these forms of relief from deportation are complex. That is why I cannot stress the fact you need to contact an attorney specializing in immigration law as soon as possible. Don't take on the Department of Homeland Security alone!

Immigration attorneys who specialize in removal proceedings and immigration law are familiar with the sorts of relief and waivers available to some individuals and the numerous requirements to prove eligibility for such relief.

The Executive Office of Immigration Review website includes a list of forms.

NOTE: As I already indicated above, REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS ARE EXTREMELY COMPLEX and violations of immigration law require representation from an immigration attorney who SPECIALIZES in immigration law and deportation hearings.

You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not at least consult with an immigration attorney prior to attending your removal hearing in immigration court.

ICE Current Detentions and Deportations

This page is meant to give you an informative insight into the potential consequences of violating US immigration deportation laws and the current enforcement of deportation orders going on in the United States. As you can read from other places on this webpage, ICE has been given much more funding to enforce deportation orders in the form of arrests and detentions in immigration detention centers around the United States.

As part of its efforts to have and enforce a comprehensive immigration reform bill, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently focusing enforcement efforts on locating and removing criminal aliens, building strong worksite compliance programs and sanctions and arrests of employers to deter illegal employment, and uprooting the criminal infrastructure that supports illegal migration.

  • In May and June of 2006, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested more than 2,100 criminal aliens, gang members, fugitives, and other immigration violators in a nationwide interior enforcement operation.
  • Among the roughly 2,179 individuals arrested, about half had criminal records for crimes that ranged from sexual assault of a minor to assault with a deadly weapon.

About 367 of those arrested were members of associates of violent street gangs.

640 were fugitive aliens who had been issued FINAL ORDERS OF REMOVAL by an immigration judge but had failed to leave the US.

Since March of 2003, ICE Fugitive Operations Teams have arrested more than 42,000 aliens, 31,000 of which were fugitives.

Since 2001, the number of ICE Immigration investigators has increased by 25%.

Most importantly, ICE has expanded its fugitive operations teams from 35 to 52 in 2006 and the President’s budget for fiscal year 2007 seeks funding to increase that number to a total of 70 teams.



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